Sara McPherson

Tony Ardovino

Bill Bowen

Kaye Crooks

Marilyn Barnett

Debra Stewart

Nick Maloof

Robert Conner

Vanessa Collier

Peggy Harris

Doris Shaw

Bobby Knight

John Gibson

William LeVann

Danny & Shirley Covington

Jala Gamble

Gladys Darden

Elam Miller

All of our college students and young adults


Samantha Henderson - daughter of Brad Henderson

Hudson Steele - relative of Georgia Cashion

Kenny Herbert - son of Ann Herbert

Wayne & Crystal Peoples - cousins of the McDonalds

Chase Lunch - friend of Belle Kahalley

Rocky Hicks - friend of Jala Gamble

Nicholas Fiveash - grandson of the late Joan Bishop

Michelle Cargisle - submitted by Lori Amason

Gaye Temple - daughter of Jim & Jeanne Egger

Ashley Lee - great-niece of Peggy Perryman

Cheryl Peters - submitted by Lori Amason

Coleen Morlan's daughter, Debbie

Steven Gober - friend of Mary Jane Marcus

Evelyn Boyet - grandmother of Julie Murrell

Glenda Salter - mother of Lisa McDonald

Jerry Crowder - father of Lisa McDonald

Brian Ardovino - son of Tony Ardovino

Jessica Gaylor & family

DoC chalice

If you have questions or comments, please email our church secretary. or call (205) 426-1233.