Music Ministries

Grace Adult Choir

Our choir is comprised of multitalented musicians.  Not only does it sing well, but has instrumentalists including piano, organ, keyboard, and occasionally guitars, bass, drums, recorder, flute, handbells and others.  The music is varied, from gospel to classics and in-between.

The Choir meets every other Wednesday night at 6:15 for rehearsal.  Please come and join the fun and fellowship.

GCC Choir

Bell Choir

The "Bells of Grace" meet on alternate Wednesday nights at 6:15, on weeks without choir practice.

We could use a few more "ringers" if you're interested. No experience necessary!

Bells of Grace

Bells of Grace play at Regional Senior Adult Retreat
Rolling Hills Conference Center, November 1, 2012

For more info concerning Grace's Music Ministries,
please email Rev. Phyllis Kirk at

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